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The possibility to take decisions based on billions of information opens new unexpected frontiers

A company is made up above all of people. The people who created and work in this company have an experiential background that strongly determines its peculiarities.
Halless was born from the intuition of a group of managers from different sectors, but with the same future vision regarding the potential of new frontier digital technologies.
An innovative company born with the aim of bringing a new product to the market for a new way of protecting people and things.
Not just advanced technology but the ability to manage complex panoramas by transforming them into new forecasting capabilities.

We have created the first connected digital system based on Artificial Intelligence for organizations. It is able to quietly work the protection of buildings and people who lives there for 24 hours a day and helping to guarantee their health.

Halless’ mission is towards a future where technology helps to increase the quality of life by freeing up time for people.

Operating Departments

  • Digital Business: to make extraordinary opportunities understood in a simple way. A senior sales force able to provide Advisory and Consulting on specialist topics in an understandable and effective way
  • Customer Success: to ensure that the solution meets the needs. This area includes Business Analysis functions & Product Shaping, Project Management and Customer Care
  • Service Factory: to provide quality and effective access to products-services. Technology is only an engine but the services to our customers ensure its effective usability
  • Data Intelligence: the heart of the network of “artificial brains” of the Halless platform. The center for self-learning and enrichment of the value of the services delivered to our customers
  • Digital Platform: a next generation platform for new value services. Entirely engineered by Halless with the highest technological partners worldwide
  • Cloud Asset: to ensure maximum security and simplicity at the best performance and compliance. The Halless platform is based on parallel computing and connectivity on a global scale
  • Compliance and DPO: since each case must be ensured in compliance with regulations and safety. A specific function to support Legal & Compliance processes of product and project
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