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WCONNEX is a production line that always connected to learn to protect people and buildings, with the ability to perceive when a risk is becoming too high, able to detect when a critical event occurs, providing reliable and detailed information to understand and make decisions.

ALANCENTER is Halless’s Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence dedicated to businesses.

A range of connected H24 products to be applied to the contexts of intelligent management and protection of buildings, protection and assistance of people. WCONNEX includes a set of services easily accessible from PC, Tablet, Smartphone and easy to install Wi-Fi devices. All products are include help and support.


It is the first digital product to offer intelligent 24/7 control of your property. Its Artificial Intelligence allows you to prevent risks, harmful events and abnormal consumption. It enables digital control in real time, avoiding law violations and preventing fraud.
WCONNEX RE works 24 hours a day and alerts you only if necessary, or you can see all your properties in just one “click”


It protects the health of people at home and supports the work for home care. It provides 24/7 telemonitoring, with no personal device worn. Its continuous self-learning can prevent any potential problems in terms of psychophysical abnormalities. The service is always accessible by operators, guardians and managers in full compliance and privacy.

ALANCENTER allows partner companies to rapidly develop Artificial Intelligence capabilities within their organization and business through an innovative process to ensure effective and excellent insertion of products and processes


to establish the best financial and technical approach to improvement

Secure development

at our platform to ensure real implementation and achievement of results


to accompany the inclusion in production processes, training and commercial products

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