technology that makes people’s life better

halless uses a new generation of technology skills and people braineffort to make people’s life better in SAFETY&SECURITY protecting and preempting health and assets against accidents or disasters through one's life journey: Work, Traveling and Private life

this new generation of technology makes new benefits possible for everyone

this new generation of technology and skills give us powerful benefits that enables us to handle the future better

but these are not the only valuable asset

by using them we can create high added value services capable to safeguard both people and company processes against unexpected events or wrong decisions made in mobility [2, 4 or more wheels vehicles management] productivity [industry 4.0, work safety, process optimization] health [digital wellness, healthcare organizations], smart social housing.

our services allow you to take decisions in advance with best precision about cost time or risk potential issues

because services and technology are not enough to provide we are able to give you a customized consultancy and design to concretely help you recognise your business and create new opportunities for you

new generation skills & technology

nowadays microelectronics, digital information and business&social views are mature resilient and inexpensive and can be used to create a unique integrated digital body.

You can test your real personal or business experience on field to deeply recognize what is happening by using our powerful digital service lens

we connect your daily personal or business experience gathering real micro-data and applying them Artificial Intelligence capabilities to provide you the possibility to predict what will happen avoiding any human error

we make this with EXCELLENCE EXPERTISE by using

business & technology young and seniors makers
International R&D Partnership & Programs
high Performing plasma IoT platform
Advanced Big Data Analysis engines
newGen microelectronics components

halless is energy passion and innovation for future challanges

who we are

halless is a newCo founded by young senior management. It has deep and high level experience at a global level for major customers and major important firms by enabling New Generation Technology for complex Business Challenges sharing and joining diverse skills in Manufacturing, Insurance, large Retail, Digital Marketing, IoT&Cognitive Computing, Share Economy engineering aiming to achieve New Generation of Business value

halless cooperates with international US and UK research centres, Electronics and IT partners.

interested in working with us?

we are a team with a new concept of empowering effort sharing. Working together with an agile and multi-disciplinary approach is considered a strategic asset. A flat organization and family worked environment to stimulate insights, creativity and quality is continuously aimed for

if You have digital, technology, sociology or marketing business as a passionate skill please contact us!

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