013 Industries, a holding company for the development and marketing of high tech products and solutions, and Halless, an innovative newco SME specialized in applied artificial intelligence, have signed a strategic partnership aimed at providing high-profile consultancy to companies for the development of capacity and international distribution. of solutions based on artificial intelligence for Data Monetization and Risk Management systems. The alliance will also be aimed at the development of new products and solutions, mainly in the healthcare and insurance sector.

Halless, through the WCONNEX product line and a new generation platform based on IoT connected technologies, Artificial Intelligence and its own patents, allows the protection of real estate and people and a center of excellence for the development of consultancy and technology transfer in support of market. While 013Industries will build its presence on international markets where it already has operational offices and organization and a consolidated expertise in the distribution of advanced technological solutions, especially in the medtech (health), insurance and telecommunications sectors.
Salvatore Passaro, President and CEO of 013 Industries, expresses satisfaction with the agreement reached which will allow the company to be positioned in the big data market and to offer high value-added solutions in the real estate, infrastructure, home care and telemedicine sectors and across the board. to the insurance-tech sector.

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