The real estate sector is changing

Increasing digitalisation affects not only the properties themselves, but also the way they are managed.
The digital transformation promises for the real estate sector, not only gains in terms of efficiency, but also an improvement in information flows, transparency and therefore direct added value, with benefits both for asset

managers and investors, but also for tenants. .

As stated in the PropTech 3.0 report: “the future of real estate” created by the Said Business School Oxford, in fact: “Real estate is not known as an industry which readily embraces change”, in Italian, “Real Estate is not famous for to be a sector open to innovation and change “.
The reasons are many, and are linked in particular to the nature of the sector, characterized by largely private assets, considered too precious assets within the family patrimony, to push the owners to expose themselves to more or less calculated risks.
But today a trend is increasingly manifesting to be considered with great attention: more and more objects of our daily life are and will be connected online and with each other: not only mobile phones, but also appliances, cars, sensors placed on the street or in buildings. In practice, monitoring activities on air quality, on the presence of parking spaces available in real time, even on the possibility of understanding when the waste bin is full and needs to be emptied, will increase.

Hence the birth of WCONNEX REAL ESTATE: the platform that facilitates the operation and management of real estate using Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, allowing rapid and efficient monitoring of the conditions of buildings. In addition to allowing their remote geographical management, it produces a large amount of data that, structured, analyzed and transformed into smart-data, allow the creation of digital services with high added value, capable of increasing the productivity, safety and sustainability of each building.
WCONNEX REAL ESTATE is therefore characterized by its innovative ability to use “data” as a peculiar element to activate virtuous “user experiences” aimed at increasing turnover and reducing the operating costs of asset management, with a view to continuous optimization .

An absolute novelty, WCONNEX REAL ESTATE is founded on a concept: “digitizing” properties by implementing a virtuous process of integration between technologies and sustainable user behavior, all guided by measurable indexes.

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